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Hiking Adventure in Yosemite National Park
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We've been working in the US travel market since 2012, we are constantly evolving and getting better

San Francisco

Departure & return point

1 100 km

Hiking mileage


Difficulty (suitable for beginners)


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Welcome to YosemiteTour — club of Active Recreation Lovers

We are a small tour company founded in 2012. Since then, we have run more than a hundred backpacking trips in Yosemite National Park and keep on delivering the best service to our customers. At the beginning of our venture, we dealt exclusively with backpacking tourism. Now we can also offer such trip styles as inn-based hiking, basecamp, and porter tours.

Our team of professional local guides will help make your Yosemite adventure unforgettable.

"Our philosophy is a passion for adventure and discovery, and we are ready to share it with everyone"

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Experienced guides will show you the best places of the park


Go off the beaten track and see a lot of interesting things


You will meet new people and visit new places


Get vivid lifetime memories
April 26 — May 5

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Our team of professional local guides will help make your Yosemite adventure unforgettable

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Price per Person $485

Tour Guide

A professional, knowledgeable, experienced hiking guide


We provide top-of-the-line tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags


You get three meals


Trekking poles, leather gloves, technical backpacks, cookware and food storage


We provide sauna at each camp site

Health Insurance

Health insurance from Alliance company
Not Included

Extra Services

Shuttle Service

You pay for a shuttle service to the meeting point and back

Photo Service

A professional photographer will help you create memories for life. 1 picture — $0.75, a photo album with 30 pictures  — $52.99


A local gift shop sells T-shirts and hats, postcards, key chains, fridge magnets, stickers, figurines, mugs at bargain prices

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